Really on AT now – Ria

We have now walked 15miles on the real AT (discarding the 11miles on the approach trail) – havnt quite found our trail legs yet but believe they are developing with every Mile.

I have always thought undulating too gentle a word for brutal ups and downs, which is the terrain here. Very obvious why Bill Bryson called it a walk in the woods as endless trees around.

The campsites are very good, unfortunately spaced roughly 8 miles apart – we would have liked to be doing 12miles a day but 16 at this stage too far. And 12 will leave us between official campsites. Suppose later on we will sleep on our own in flat spots but for now we are sticking to the formal sites.

The number of people on trail is perfect, enough to not feel all by urself but not so many to bump into others all the time.

Trevor’s foot not perfect – time will tell. For now we are happy to be here. Big storms predicted for Sunday night then I may be less happy!!!


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