A better day – Ria

Managed a 20km push today and though stuffed, happy that we are now starting to enjoy the hike iso crawling up and down the hills.

We had our first trail magic (when people bring treats to the trail for the hikers) this morning, from a guy who always brings magic to this point of the trail on this date, to celebrate the day he walked past this point on his thru hike – the story behind it made the magic extra special.

The terrain hasn’t changed yet. Seeing lots of centrepedes with yellow legs on the path. Some birds and lovely little wild flowers around. Misty so not a lot in terms of views.

We are considering sleeping in one of the shelters (wooden structure with 3 walls) tonight as lots of rain predicted. Our tent handles the rain well (I love our tent!) but to pack up camp after a night of rain isn’t great. Problem with the shelters are that they are shared by anybody who comes along and can become quite crowded.

A bear cub…!


One thought on “A better day – Ria

  1. Glad you guys are starting to really enjoy it 🙂
    The whole trail magic thing is very cool, I love that people do that.


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