And then it all changed – Ria

Yesterday I explained about the smooth round mountains with the neat little footpaths….and today we found plenty rugged terrain. Paths strewn with rocks and stones, like hiking in the Magaliesburg.

Where previously we saw only trees (brown, not yet shooting) we saw some green shrubs today and even where there were brown trees there are some green ferns starting to push through.

The yellow legged centrepedes have been replaced by orange legged ones.

After days of rain or threatening rain, the weather also changed; a perfect summer’s day, sunny and hot and brilliant for lying on the beach – a bit hot for walking but luckily we are from Africa so we managed.

I also changed my trail name. Brooklyn (the Ukrainian guy who lives in Brooklyn) overtook me at some point and i just suddenly thought “Jozi” – cause I live in Jozi 😀. I feel much more comfortable with this name, Sigma was a bit pretentious (not meant to be but came across as that).

We saw 8 other thru-hikers (that’s Hikers intending to do the full AT) today, and about the same number of casual Hikers (local people just walking on the trail). Apparently more than 40 people slept at the shelter last night, we walked on another 2 km and found a camping spot we had all to ourselves. We did the same tonight, we are camping just about 1 or 2km away from the shelter. Here is the view from my room:


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