Dogs on the trail – Ria

It is allowed – with the Smoky Mountains the only exception – to bring your dog to walk the trail with you.

So far we have met Taylor (a boxer belonging to a beautiful girl Annabel), Miles (an Australian cattle herding dog walking with 2 very strange dudes, one weighing about 150kg complaining that his sleeping mat leaves him with a sore back!), 3 German shepards (one belonging to a Luxembourg couple, one called Camel and another whose name I didn’t get) and a beautiful collie whose owner didn’t want anybody near his dog.

The dogs wear their own little backpacks. At trail magic today the trail angels offered Camel some food but his owner said please don’t, he was vomiting on the trail the day before as he ate too much pizza so trying to get him eating with less Indulgence.Taylor’s mom said best to feed them.puppy food on the trail – very nutritious.

Sorry I was trying to include a photo of Camel but reception too weak tonight, will add it in when signal stronger.

Please remember to send me WhatsApps with your news. The choir performance, the upcoming holidays, how the knee is healing, the planning for the 21st, the house move, waiting for the job offer, getting ready for the 2 Oceans. You all have these things happening in your lives plse keep me up to date!


One thought on “Dogs on the trail – Ria

  1. Still reading, Ria, keep up the blogging please. It isn’t easy to just “like” something as you have to register with them first. I love the detail – the dogs, the people, the centipedes – it almost feels like watching you do the hike. How are your and Trevor’s joints bearing up? And the packs? 20 kg is quite a load!

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