A new State and South Africans – Ria

So we ticked off Georgia and is now in North Carolina. We had lots of rain this morning, luckily we were doing ups, as downs in the rain would have been even more unpleasant.

There is a big weather system rolling across the states with severe storms and down pours expected for Sunday. We plan a 0 day for Sunday (day you hike 0km), busy arranging a shuttle to come pick us up from the trail 2mo Evening. I will do a post with some photos when I am in town and have a proper signal.

Called a hotel in Franklin to arrange for accommodation for Sat&Sun. Anette answered the phone and I immediately knew – dis my volk 😀. When she asked for an address I say no address, on the AT. She said yes, but where are you from. I said SA, knowing what was going to be next, a gasp of air and then “you don’t perhaps speak Afrikaans”….and so it was. Wonder what brings Anette to Franklin, North Carolina…sure I am going to know soon


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