The day before the storm – Ria

We walked only 19 brutal kms today as we spent 2 hours going into town for shopping. There aren’t any shuttle drivers around this area so we went with the thumb and low and behold – in both directions we were picked up before 10 cars drove by (on the way back by the town’s mayor nogal – believe it or not).

These towns are so different to SA towns. They are spread out across miles: eg the pharmacy is next to the grocery store but ‘next to’ means about 400m away. “Town” means retail and businesses: the houses are like small holdings on the outskirts of town, not part of the town as we know it.

We are camping in the most beautiful spot tonight :

Rain and wind are predicted for tonight and tomorrow. We will see how our tent holds up but we will have to break up camp and walk in the rain. Luckily only 15km as we are booked in at a lodge at Fontana Dam for the next 2 nights.

Really tired so calling it a day.

Happy / Blessed easter to you all


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