Sunday morning in Hot Springs and then payback time

Even though we camped it was nice to wake up, make coffee, relax and not having to rush off.

Though we were scurrying around town to do laundry, shopping and charging, we had a pleasant morning. Hot Springs is a lovely little place. Not only does it have the hot spring (which you can unfortunately only visit via the Hot Springs Resort by renting a hut with a tub of spring water – which was fully booked while we were there), it is also framed by the Broad French river, bringing river rafters and anglers to the area. And then of course the AT running through the town means it is very much a hikers town. And for some reason there are loads of big dudes with big motorbikes (mostly Harleys) riding through town.

Before we hit the trail we went to have breakfast at the Mosaic Gourmet – not that much gourmet…. but we spent a pleasant 90mins (service is slow) there watching life go by. The outdoor outfitters is across the road and seeing the hikers come out with their food, sitting on old church benches in front of the shop staring vacantly ahead eating their bananas made us wonder if we also look like that (we hope not!). They were possibly thinking ‘do I really have to leave this town’….

After breakfast we packed up and it was back to the Trail. Did only 13km as only started at 1, but it was one long 13km climb out of Hot Springs. It wasn’t fun!

Tonight we are sleeping close to a lookout tower.


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