Graves on the mountain

When Trevor decided we are doing the Rocky Exposed Ridge route iso alternative easier route, I knew game back on 😀.

Today’s route had some variations. The Rocky ridge was tough walking but fun, I like rock scrambling. And the reward was worth it. As always the photo doesn’t do justice to the view but we could see mountains for miles around.

Between rocky mountains we had a bit of a break with different scenery like this (Philip see the “garden shoes” still doing duty)

The heat is really getting to us. We will have to arrange our days to not walk between 1 and 3.

We found these graves (Shelton family 1862) on the Mountain. Our friend from yesterday told us that they were Union Soldiers returning from the Civil War who were shot by the Confederates. Another story is that they were disillusioned with the Union and that they were shot by Unionist. There are a few more version of the story but nobody really knows. Whatever, seeing these graves on the trail is quite weird. Also, buried with them is a 13yr old girl with a different surname and fancier gravestone, none of the stories mention her role.

We have seen two more gravestones but they were both 20th century, looked like AT Hikers who wanted their ashes scattered on the trail.

Talking about loving the trail, we met a couple today who told us there is a SA man, 80yrs old, on the trail (behind us) who is doing it for the 3rd time. I can’t believe that…I don’t even know if I can do it at 56!

Walking on to try get the last 5km in (after a cooldrink stop at Laurel Hostel (a strange place indeed) we found this little spot to catch a breather at:

And another milestone : we have now done just over 500km!


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