Hot on his heels

Trevor and I sat down to lunch and had a couple we saw starting off the day, a young engineer we saw a few times over the last few days and a real nice older guy from Idaho we met earlier today came by while we were eating. Trevor said he thinks people say that they have no idea how we get from one point to another as all they ever see us do is sitting off the Trail. For some reason that sets us off laughing and we were giggling for the next 5 minutes.

Our trail names have become redundant as we seem to be referred to as “the South Africans”. And then there is this 29yr old blond hair blue eyed boy called Platypus who calls us “You again”. It has happened so many times that he sped past us early in the day, probably thinking he won’t see these oldies again, only for us to rock up later in the day at the same camp site or shelter he is staying at. It must have been when it happened the 3rd time that he started calling us “You again”. Havnt seen him for a week but hope to cross paths with him again.

Normally Trevor walks 50m ahead of me. We don’t really talk while we walk. I look at trees and flowers and think about life, he thinks about his boots. He needs to replace his hiking shoes but is unsure what type of boot/shoe to go for. He spend a lot of his energy thinking about that 😀.

Anyway, today I was so excited to see my friend that I walked right behind him, even when we were going up steep slopes. At some point he said “please just fall back a bit”, I wasn’t even offended, and certainly not adhering to the request – I was marching on to Erwin, as fast as I could,

I was less aware of my surroundings today as my mind was with life 25 years ago, when Mathilda and I were working together. With Nina and Rina and Nico Crowther, Stephen du Toit, Michael Brown, Dawie Stoker. I was thinking of the great lessons I learned from them, the good times we had and how precious those friendships were/are. It was during this period Nico Crowther taught me to always make time for somebody who needs your input, Michael Brown taught me that a model is always wrong as it is simplification of a complex world and just a year or so later Paul Fatti taught me that with all the book knowledge in the world it is still important to listen to the people (even though they may have no academic qualifications) who work with the guts of what you are attempting to model. I am fortunate to have had the influence of these people in my life.

Mathilda picked us up from the trail at 15h and we have been spoilt rotten ever since. She arrived with ice and Fanta, brought us to her home, fed us a feast (loads of fresh salady stuff and the best ever sweetest tasting fruit salad) and made us feel so at home and comfortable that I am not sure how we are going to manage to leave this piece of heaven on Saturday.

Sitting outside just before bed time we were stunned to see lightning flashed even though there are stars in the sky. Bob explained that it was heat lightning, a discharge between the hotter upper air and the lower colder air. I have never heard of that before but it is certainly strange to see.

In bed. The Matress is so soft!


5 thoughts on “Hot on his heels

    1. There is a lovely simplicity to life when all you have to do is walk. But boy are the town visits good. And to have a home stay iso a hotel stay extra good times 5


  1. Trevor was saying that he expected you guys would go through quite a number of shoes along the trail. Is this the first replacement? If not would be nice to add to a future post on updated trail stats !


    1. We are both still on our first pair. But both of us started with “old” shoes. I’m switching to my next pair of “old” shoes 2mo as I mailed it to my friend in Erwin. Trevor will walk to Damascus (200km on) and replace there


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