If you want to learn something about yourself: tackle this at 16h09

Today I learned something (the bald on the photo is much higher than it looks) about myself but first things first.

I didn’t write about yesterday’s walk as it rained all day (2nd day in row) and all we did was plod in the rain – for 27km! The only interesting thing we saw all day was loads and load of these little fellows:We walked over the 2nd highest mountain on the trail today (Roan) and did a little detour to see the ruins of a 1800’s hotel which is close to the mountain top, on the border between North Carolina and Tennesee. It used to be where the rich went to escape the hot summers. The dining room had a line painted to separate NC from Tennesee – on the Tennesee side you could have alcohol but not on the NC side!

When we got to a road crossing we tried to get our gear dried up a bit.

We had a disrupted day with lots of unplanned stops – by lunch time we have done only 9km, normally we lunch at 15km!

It is coincidence that I posted a blog on balds this morning because I didn’t know that we were going to scale 3 balds today. It is a popular day hiking area so we bumped into and talked to a lot of day hikers (again causing delays).

Because we had so many unplanned stops we hit the big daddy of balds at 16h09 only. The sun was shining and the trail wasn’t messing around, it went to the top in a straight line. Trevor and I tackled it separately and met at the top. I know now how I see problems in life and what my way of coping with them are. I don’t say it’s the best way, but I now understand my way. I can’t look towards the top of the mountain – it’s too far away and it feels impossible to reach the top. I look back to see how far I have already come: it gives me confidence. And then I look at the next 30meters, as my sister say, one step at a time….And that illustrates my problem in life, I don’t look forward enough. But I did get to the top my Way.

To get to the Distance we planned for the day we pushed on to 19h30. It is light untill 20h30. There is a hikers hostel at this point and that is where we are staying (long story why but it has to do with fact that they have craft Beer). We are without a doubt going to hate this (not the Beer, the hikers hostel). The bunk beds are our first and last experience of a hikers hostel (Elma, Tonia, Hannah – it’s like on the Camino but much worse!)

Oh we met a guy today who has trained and run with Ryan Sands. He is Fast!!!!


One thought on “If you want to learn something about yourself: tackle this at 16h09

  1. This is a book for sure. It is my fix for the day – can’t wait to get to work in the morning to read the next episode. You are both awesome

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