A perfect day

Sorry see I never posted this one – was Tuesday 7 may

When I have finished writing this I will go to sleep and by the time I wake up most of you would have already been to the voting station. We are disappointed that we can’t vote but we have investigated special votes and it was just not doable.

Other than for that we had a nearly perfect day on the trail. It started off with the hikers hostel not being as bad as we feared. The bonus came this morning when there was freshly brewed coffee to grab before heading back to the trail.

We were walking by 7h30 and did a 29km day. Most of our days are now over 27km, a combination of us getting stronger and the terrain getting marginally easier. Though our ascend for the day was still 1350m.

The day had a lot of variation. I guess that is what made it special – variety is after all the spice of life. We saw 2 waterfalls, walked next to a biggish river for a while, cross several decent size streams, walked through a few medows, found a church&graveyard in what we thought was the middle of nowhere before we saw there was a tertiary road leading to the church..

When doing the switchbacks up and down the mountains, in stead of walking only under the normal green canopy (high trees with leaves at the top) there were areas where the rhodendrums formed a tunnel we walked through. At times the trail was covered in dried leaves and other times it was covered in pine needles.

We even saw a fallen tree (which was then sawn off to prevent from obstructing the trail) that somebody roughly counted the year rings of – more than 400 years old! And we haven’t had time to read up about it but we saw about 70 butterflies all clustering and fluttering together on a patch of mud. We wondered if it could be some form.of mating behaviour.

For those of you who wonder what we eat, this was lunch (still versions of Mathilda’s Plate: jerkey, nuts, smoked Cheddar, Gruyery, and savoury crackers)

And home for two happy but weary South Africans:

There is an owl calling outside. And the sound of a plane crossing overhead. Two worlds weaved into one.


One thought on “A perfect day

  1. The landscape and environment is such a joy to behold irrespective of being tired … the lush green and streams is like ointment to the soul!


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