Old friends and New States and Strange behaviour

Today is the last day we hiked in our SA boots. We both felt we wanted to start this challenge with the comfort of boots we have worn before, but both pairs are now ready to be retired.

I love my boots, in spite of a friend thinking they were gardening shoes 😀. They know me as well as an old friend knows me. They have housed my feet when I was 10kg heavier and when I was 10kg lighter. They have taken me safely through many Drakensberg hikes. My job is to decide where to put my feet, their job is to grip and they have done so faithfully over many kilometers. Up grassy hills, over slippery rocks, down icy surfaces, through raging rivers. I could always rely on them. Like a dear old friend who would never let me down, who would be there in good times, in bad times, in anxious times, always on my side.

Only a hiker can rave about boots 😀 – forgive me. But if your day job is to walk then your boots are your office: a big part of your day!

We were so lucky: the rain kept off and we walked into Damascus while the sun was shining. Crossed the state border line, we have done Georgia, North Carolina and Tennesee. Now in Virginia. The distance we will do in Virginia is the same as the total distance to date.

As we came into town we found somewhere to rehydrate. After a beer we walked on to our accommodation for the next 2 nights. On our way there, walking past a clothing shop selling country-looking shirts, Trevor (without saying a word) stepped into the shop. I honestly thought he has gone crazy. I didn’t see the sign outside “Freshly baked pasties and best cinnabons”. You know the story by now: we walk we eat….

In spite of our hesitation to stay in hikers hostels we are staying in Broken Fiddle for two nights. Treehouse is the owner and the place is quirky, organised and friendly. There are only 15 beds and we are in a private room. You put your laundry in a basket and get it back washed, dried and folded. The advantage of hikers hostels is that they understand and cater for the hikers’ needs – the showers are well stocked with everything you need to get town- ready but don’t carry with you: not only soap but also shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shaving cream and even (at Broken Fiddle) disposable raizers. Maybe it is a better option than hotels (Damascus has no hotels so we didn’t have other option but feel quite comfortable here).

Tomorrow we are investigating the option of new gear, Trevor might go to the barber to get his beard removed, Mathilda and Bob are driving through to have lunch with us and we are zeroeing 😀

Happy weekend to all of you!

PS: Platypus (who calls us YOU AGAIN) just arrived in town. This time behind us – thought we have fallen days behind him but as I said – the trail is an equaliser of note!


3 thoughts on “Old friends and New States and Strange behaviour

  1. I hope you are sending your boots home to be bronzed!
    Enjoy your day off, and good luck with your new boots!


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