If you don’t SAY what you want you can’t CRY if you don’t get it – 21 May

Signal in area we are now very weak/non-existent.

We were dropped off at the trail head at 7h45; our packs were heavy as the pantries have been filled with food for 5 days, and we were starting off with 2l water each as the first stream was far from our starting point.

On our way to the start I said to the shuttle driver that I was hinting to get a zero day in Pearisburg but to no avail. When we started walking Trevor said that he doesn’t understand – he has apparently hinted twice yesterday that we should zero and I didn’t respond, so where was I coming from saying I was hinting….

Here we were, 2 people both feeling their bodies needed a zero, but saying it to each other in such a round about way that nobody realised we wanted the same thing and that it was NOT being back on the trail for another 30km day today.

But there we were – plodding on. The day was productive in distance covered and relationship therapy: we agreed that we will in future spell out what we want so that nobody has to be second guessing the other.

Our next opportunity for a zero will be Sunday and we plan a double zero. Untill then we are going to pace ourselves gently as sore toes and sore shoulders are taking its toll.

This coming weekend is a long weekend with Monday being a public holiday – Memorial day. It seems to mark the official start of summer and is a sort of Rememberance Day for the States. We had supersonic planes overhead all afternoon: probably practising for some ceremony on Monday.

I’m feeling a bit blue today. I miss my mommy.


4 thoughts on “If you don’t SAY what you want you can’t CRY if you don’t get it – 21 May

  1. “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma
    So I guess you guys are finishing up the hard third and about to start the messy third. Can you imagine how amazing the gorgeous third will be?
    I loved your story about the tears – I can so relate.
    Now we just want to see a picture of Trevor with a beard!
    Hang in there!

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