Going to town on a Saturday morning – 25 May

Though staying in Daleville last night and tonight, we went to a nearby city (Roanoke) for the morning – mainly because Trevor needed to have his phone’s screen replaced.

We took a hiker shuttle into Roanoke – she (a woman who previously worked at the motel we are staying but now operates as a hiker shuttle AND an Uber driver…. shuttle rates are much lower than Uber rates). dropped us off at an address we gave her which we found (Google) for a cell phone repair business. We had to hang around because it was before 10 (here everything seems to only open at 10) but this repair business looked a bit not-so-professional. So we Googled some more and realised we were only 2km away from a mall with a repair kiosk so we walked to the mall (quite easy without backpacks).

Once the phone issue was sorted out we Ubered “downtown”. Look at the original market – now used as a food court (a gourmet food market like the biscuit mill would be much better use of the building!)

The sideways in the areas are taken up by farm produce, plants&flowers, and arts&craft stalls.

We found a craft beer pub and while I went looking for a new pair of hiking shorts at a nearby outfitter, Trevor stopped for a beer (it is so hot!). I joined 10min later by which time he has already had 2 interesting encounters.

The barman (pictured below) served him and apparently said to him his accent reminds him of a play he once saw…The Road to Mecca (Atholl Fugard on life of Helen Martins). How extraordinary that a boy saw a play by a SA playwright acted by American actors who portrayed the accent well enough for him to recognise it when Trevor spoke. And he remembered it after having seen the play years ago! When I arrived he came over to meet me and had a conversation with me about plays and classics which was way above my intellectual capacity for literature.

Trevor also met Dan who you can see in the picture below (notice the beard is gone!)

Zoomed in you can read the number plates he is wearing (on his back and on his chest)

He is a member of the Sierra Club, it is the oldest (established in 1892) and largest association fighting for environmental issues. He is protesting against all the trucks driving on the interstate through Virginia – the suggestion is that the trucks can be loaded and thansported through Virginia on trains. We had a long chat to him, a really interesting character.

We Ubered back to Daleville and rested a bit in our cool motel room 😀, after which we walked to the local supermarket to buy food for next 5 days. Because we have to track back tomorrow to where we came off the trail, we will be arriving in Daleville a second time tomorrow night (this is the plan) or Monday morning if we are too slow to make it all the way into town.

Had dinner at a Mexican restaurant 70m from the hotel – I’m really starting to like Mexican food.

This is the after dinner view – notice the dragon?

We will be shuttling back to the trail at 7h30 tomorrow – it’s late for us we would have loved an hour earlier start but already had to twist the shuttle driver’s arm to get him to agree to 7h30; about a 30min drive I think so should be hiking by 8h00.

Hope you will all enjoy a lazy autumn Sunday in SA.


4 thoughts on “Going to town on a Saturday morning – 25 May

  1. I’m sure Roanoke was one of the places we went to in and around our 3 days on the AT back in 2001. I was wondering when you were going to get to the bit we did. Sounds like you are so open to new and positive experiences on this life adventure, and your stories about the journey are so wonderful for us, currently, armchair hikers. 😘


    1. Thnx Fiona – I am enjoying this area. They call it rollercoaster – up and down all the time but the hills are manageable, not those rude back breakers we had in Georgia and Northern Carolina. Virginia definitely more kind


      1. I remember those three days being super tough! Very hot and we’d done no specific training and never really carried our packs before. But we were young (and naive) and had lots of sense of humour failures!

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