A day that ends well is a good day – 28 May

To give ourselves the best chance against the heat we were going to start hiking early. The plan was to be on the trail by 6, which means by 12h we should already have around 20km in the bag.

Unfortunately life doesn’t always go as planned. For a change we had signal and Trevor woke up to some alerts of issues at Strategis (his new business) – which meant we had a late and then a slow start as the first 3 hours were disrupted by stops to allow him to communicate with colleagues. By 12h we had only done 15km.

By 10h the heat was already unbearable. It so happens that 12h came just as we were crossing a road with a parking lot where “locals” come to enjoy the pool formed by the creek running underneath the bridge.

As it was so hot we thought we would have lunch in a shady spot next to the river. There was a young family playing around, parent with 2 toddlers. They were very friendly to us, the woman suggested a spot not far down from them that she thought would be pleasant, and as we head off in that direction she came running after us bringing us each a cold bottle of water – trail magic (as with the ice we got yesterday) comes in many forms.

After lunch we had 2 mountains to climb, first a smaller one and then a little beast. We paced ourselves up and down the smaller one, getting to a shelter (one of the biggest ones on the trail and much fancier than the standard) at 15h, just before we were supposed to start the beast. It was HOT. We decided to rest till 5, cook and have an early dinner while resting, and to them take our time concurring the bigger mountain when it has cooled down a bit.

All day today we walked through messy forests, at times looking like a tree graveyard and no groundcover under the trees.

As we climbed higher the forest changed looking like this:

We had a tough target set for today and with the Strategis disruptions and long heat-forced-breaks we took we are pleasantly surprised we got to where we planned to. Nothing to cheer one up like a job well done.

Home for the night:


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