A great morning gives birth to a monstrous afternoon! – 29 May

We had a great morning. Started early and got our first tough climb of the day done before it got warm. And the trail gently curved round the contours to the top so the climb wasnt even that tough.

By the time we got signal there was a message from our Erwin support team telling us the temperature for today was about 3 degrees lower than we expected. Still hot though.

The trail went through beautiful areas today, firstly similar to the photo I posted yesterday, then through areas where the slopes were covered in ferns.

We had lunch at a nice shady spot:

Not long after lunch we went by this weather station.

And we had our version of Natural Bridge:

Then the second hill came. No polite contours or switchbacks; draw a straight line from the bottom to the top and make the trail go straight up there!!!

It was HOT and we were walking in direct sunlight and the trail was rocky. I was in such a beautiful mood after a lovely walk this morning but this afternoon…not so much!

Plus, we arranged a shuttle (from a hikers hostel) to pick us up at 16h30 (need to re-supply at Glasgow) so we had to really push to arrive early enough. And there wasn’t loads of water around….

At least the afternoon’s bad experience ended when we arrived at the trailhead.

Close to Glasgow the trail crosses over James River on a foot bridge lobbied for by Mr Foot, an x-president of the Appalachian Consevancy. He and his wife did the thru-hike many years ago and their trail names were (or trail name was) Happy Feet!

Busy doing laundry – then hitting Dollar General for shopping and the only restaurant in town.

Two more days of heat before returning to normality.


2 thoughts on “A great morning gives birth to a monstrous afternoon! – 29 May

  1. It’s fascinating reading about how you just keep going. I’m intrigued to find out what motivates you. I’ve just finished reading The 5am Club by Robin Sharma and realised I’m lacking in discipline. Clearly you two aren’t!


    1. i think we are all disciplined in some things and not so much in others. there are certainly areas where we have no discipline!
      what motivates us in this adventure is the long term objective and the short term targets&rewards; we break them up in little steps – “the next 5km stop is a snickers stop ” even becomes a target with reward


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