A day can have so many facets – 1 June

I can’t believe it is 2 months since we arrived in the USA – it feels like yesterday and at the same time it feels like a lifetime away (not for my Mom; she just wants us to come home NOW πŸ˜€ – she says it’s taking too long).

In spite of my feelings of guilt about doing a wild life trail and intersperse it with modern conveniences, it does make for the most amazing contrasts.

Last night we were sleeping all by ourselves at Spy Rock Gap. This morning we got up at 5 and was walking by 6. We went up, then down a 750m mountain, and then we walked up (and down) a 1000m mountain – you can see it in the background of this picture.

After that we waited at a parking lot, got picked up by Devil’s Backbone Brewery shuttle, had dinner in their restaurant and are now listening to music (they have a weekend music festival) with many other “normal” (non – hiking) people.

As we sit here well watered and fed, listening to the music, we know that 9h tomorrow morning we will be shuttled back to the mountain next to the one you are seeing in the picture and we will be hikers again.

For now I am clean (they offer a free hikers camping area with toilets and hot showers), full (in SA we see brisket as cheap meat but on the menu a smoked brisket sandwich with fries was the special of the day: damn good and damn expensive!) and re-hydrated. And happy.

Tomorrow we will be back up in the mountain, no longer clean, no longer full and rehydrated, but happy for different reasons.

Life shouldn’t be dull and the last 2 months have certainly been everything but.

By the way, we had a great day. Though we walked 32km and ascended 1800m we felt strong. I think it is because we were in bed at 18h last night (arrived at 17h and JUST had time to pitch tent and cook and eat before the rain came) – our legs had a good 12 hours to recover and it does make a difference.


One thought on “A day can have so many facets – 1 June

  1. Sounds idyllic – I love the way you can find the best in any situation.
    Talking about the accent, I remember going to a till somewhere in NY state, and when the African American teller found out I was from South Africa, she said with great joy β€œWe’re sisters!”

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