Waynesboro on a Monday – 3 June

Unfortunately one hits the town when you get to that mileage (other than Daleville, where Ice Man took us into town earlier as the outfitter would not have been opened on Sunday and we needed new gear) and if it is on a Monday it is tough luck as many places, like museums (and breweries šŸ˜€), are closed for the day.

Zero days are theoretically for resting but for us South Africans it is an opportunity to experience a bit of American life so we are tourists on our zero days, today we just can’t get into any museums (or breweries šŸ˜€).

As always we don’t sleep as well in town as we do when in our tent on the trail. I was tossing and turning from 2am onwards, keeping Trevor awake. We were very happy when we heard the caretaker at the hostel switched on the coffee perculator round 5am. Just after that we had a cup of filter coffee and I got the laundry going (fortunately washing machine and tumble dryer in basement so wasn’t disturbing the sleeping hikers).

We left the hostel well before 7am and walked downtown.

We relaxed for close on an hour at The French Press, a wonderful little coffee shop Trevor found on Google. It is supposed to open at 7 but was still locked up when we arrived at 7h10. The woman who works there rushed in 20mins later, telling us she overslept but gave as excuse that she had not had ONE SINGLE DAY OFF this year!

We forgave her when we had her excellent coffee and apple brioche (me) &chocolate crossaint (Trevor).

After this we walked around downtown.

Then bought food for next few days (the Walmart cashier LOVED my accent šŸ˜€).

A bit later we Ubered to the outfitter to buy my new shoes (new version of my Camino Solomons). I also bought a new t-shirt (mine is falling apart) and buff (misplaced mine) so I will look like a model tomorrow morning – all colour coordinated: surely Trevor will mock me (if he notices!!!).

At the outfitter we bumped into half the crowd of young people we have been seeing around us for the last few days, they were getting back to the trail this afternoon so we probably won’t be seeing them again, a pity as we were just starting to become trail family. But this is life on the trail.

Back at the hostel (which I’m now enjoying much more than when I wrote yesterday’s post – it is really about the people you meet, and I got to really enjoy the rough diamond caretaker who friendly but firmly told a hiker guest that he can NOT brush his teeth in the kitchen sink!!!?!!!), Trevor claimed to be hungry. He clearly is in calorie deficit as I was still full from the brioche, which I had while I was still full from last night’s pizza. But he is melting away so we went for lunch. One thing we never get is bread so we went to the Subway close by to get a sandwich roll.

Let me just go back to this morning’s walk downtown. We walked past the Waynesboro high school, Trevor loved the look of the school and just wished it wasn’t holiday; he wanted to see the kids arrive in their casual clothes (for my non-SA friends, in South Africa kids wear uniforms to school).

Back to Subway. For my SA friends; you pick the type of bread roll you want, you pick your protein filling, and salad toppings and they prepare a wonderful sandwich roll freshly made to order while you wait. Trevor had a seat while I ordered our roll. As I pulled out my card to pay this 40 something year old man with piercing blue eyes tapped me on the shoulder and said “Let me pay for your lunch”. Uhm…. How to respond to that. I said thanks very much but I’m good. He said “Please allow me” and I said thnx, very kind of you but we are good. He then said “I am the principal at the high school and I just really want to pay for you guys’ lunch”. These people surprise me every day with their friendliness and generosity: there was clearly no agenda, just hospitality to thru-hikers. By that time he has already told the cashier to ring up our order with his. I asked him to come over to meet Trevor, the two men had a 10min discussion on the school, the debate about relocating, it’s current renovations, and it’s interaction with the adjacent military school.

The military school is the strangest concept. It is NOT for kids with parents in the military service. It’s expensive schools where affluent people send their kids to in order to be educated within the framework of a military disciplinary structure. Just about the opposite of schools in SA, where the private schools have more flexibility and the government schools are more structurally conformed.

After our “paid for lunch” we went back to the hostel where I tried on my shoes again, same as my current pair but half a size smaller! So back to the outfitter for an exchange.

After that another walk downtown to have a beer at Benny’s where we had the most delightful barmaid.

And then a burger at a restaurant with material napkins!!!!

Pantries packed and back to the job tomorrow morning at 7!


2 thoughts on “Waynesboro on a Monday – 3 June

  1. That looks JUST like the school from the simpsons… Some news from our side, we’re in the new office! You’re missing out on Hobart carrot cake!

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