Pre-mature end to a great adventure – 6 June

I am sad to tell you that our adventure will end (for now) at Harpers Ferry (the ceremonial half way mark on the trail and location of the AT conservancy headquarters) in a few days’ time. Instead of thru-hikers we will be section hikers with one big section done 😦

Unfortunately some issues (and opportunities) at Trevor’s new start-up (Strategis) require his presence. He received a mail yesterday which made him decide that you cant have your cake and eat it. After some discussions last night we asked my sister in law to change our tickets – before our emotions overruled our logic….

We have been talking today about the fantastic time we had, we really had only positive experiences. Even Rude Curly Redhead (pain is weakness leaving your body) has become a friend (not sure what happenned to his 30 mile days but he is walking same part of trail as we do at the moment).

We hope life will afford us the opportunity to come and finish the Harpers Ferry to Kathadin section somewhere in the foreseeable future.

Though we walked with a mood of sadness around us we had a good walking day. Saw quite a few deer (they are not clever animals!), saw bear TWICE, met a thru-hiker who is on the board of the AT conservancy and then later met the chairman who is just doing today’s section with him. Delightful man and so happy that South Africans came all the way to walk the AT.

Round 12h we came across a camp store (much smaller than yesterday’s) we didnt expect so we indulged in a 1500 calorie each lunch (muffins, honey buns, moon pies, chips, chocolate).

And the push yesterday was to set us up close enough to get us to the Meadow Top lodge for tonight. Where we are now sitting having a beer after a nice bath. But life is now not as great as it was yesterday.


15 thoughts on “Pre-mature end to a great adventure – 6 June

  1. Sure you did not make the decision without due consideration to everything else. You can start planning your return trip! We look forward to welcoming you back xx

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  2. So sorry to hear your news Ria but it sounds like it has been the MOST wonderful experience and such an achievement. We’ve enjoyed your blog so much. I’ve been walking (tame stuff!) on the Cornish coast path near Lands End and had a week of blogging to read tonight … and then your news. I think the last 100 miles is probably going to be bitter-sweet. Goodness me, only on the AT could 100 miles be the tail end of a hike and not the whole thing! Lots of love X


    1. Thnx Janet – the good news is that we plan to finish the second section next year so something to look forward to!


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