The Thru-hike is back on track – 13 June

We are at the headquarters of the Appalachian Trail Concervancy to get our photo taken and number allocated. Every thru-hiker (as well as section hikers intending to do the full trail in sections) passing through Harpers Ferry get their photo taken for the register, and a number indicating position passing through (ie 1, 2, 3,…..1800, etc).

We are number 688 and 689 – our starting numbers are 1874 and 1875 so we are doing well 😀.

Thanks to some special individuals who offered to help Trevor resolve his business issues, and my mom who (as gracious as a queen) gave me her blessing to carry on (she is missing me very much and though sad for our sake when we thought we had to come home, very glad that she was going to see me soon) the thru-hike is back on track.

We realise that this AT undertaking is self indulgent – we are taking 6 months off life to focus on ourselves and this walk. We so appreciate everybody’s encouragement and acceptance and when this is over, so would be our time of “taking” and it will be our turn to “give”.

We are taking a short break from walking – going into Washington DC to see the show on Friday and then to do some sight seeing on Saturday. We will be back on the trail on Sunday or Monday depending on transport back to Harpers.


8 thoughts on “The Thru-hike is back on track – 13 June

  1. Oh YAY!!! I was so sad for you when you were coming home! And I must admit, a little sad for me, because I so enjoy reading your blog (even though sometimes a week goes by between binge-reads) and I feel a little like I recover some of my lost (for a short while) freedom by ‘borrowing’ yours through your blog 😀
    I know I’m not the best person to help out but I really mean that if there’s something I can to do help with the business I will!

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