Mystery of Missing Sock and Getting your Mojo back – 17 June

You all know how organised I am – I don’t easily misplace things and I always know where my things are because everything has a PLACE and that is where it can be found. Even on a Hike.

So this morning when my one hiking sock was missing I was totally confused – there was just no logical explanation (least of all the silly ones Trevor came up with, those would be possibilities for less organised people like him: not for me!!!)

So I was unsettled. Not only was I now down to only one pair of socks (not good) but I couldn’t stop being puzzled to distraction – WHAT could have happened.

On top of that my mom and sister are both down with bronchitis so I was worrying about them.

Lastly, though we were doing the last few miles of the trail in Maryland, it was as rock strewn as Pensylvania is threatening to be so even though the hills were moderate the walking was tough.

On top of a not-right-mindset, I felt hungry all day. After breakfast I still felt hungry, both our morning snack stops didn’t satisfy me, only after lunch did I feel better but after that I had an unqeunchable thirst.

Trevor, who always knows how to encourage me, was of no help, as he was not his normal strong energetic self either.

And then, just before the Maryland/Pensylvania border we walked through a lovely picnic area and there he was, Muffin Man (thru-hiker of 2016) with trail magic.

It changed our day and afterwards I was analysing what made the difference. Now Trevor, as you know, always cheers up if he can have a cold drink and Muffin Man had a cooler box full of those. I enjoyed the cold drink as much as Trevor as I had this thirst, and Muffin Man had 3 large cold pizzas sliced up so I could eat a bit more which was what I needed today. He had apples too so I could even get some vitamins in. But MOST importantly (ok 2nd most importantly, after the cold drinks) – during the 30mins we spent there about 8 other hikers came in. Only then did I realise that we havnt seen other people all day, and we do need people around us to complete the day. The hikers company did almost as much as the trail magic to cheer me up.

We crossed the Mason Dixon state line (dividing the North and the South) and we were in a much better mood while doing the last 8km of the day.

While setting up camp the missing sock fell out of the tent bag. Now there are 2 theories about how that could have happened, one put forward by Trevor and the other by me. Once we are back in SA we can debate this over a glass of wine and you can pick the most believable version. In the mean time I have two pairs of socks again.

My why-am-i-doing-this day ends as a im-happy-to-be-here day.


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