Small Things – 29 June

As we left Allentown Trail Magic Paula (one of the hosts) called us and took this nice picture of us as we turned around (she mailed it to me last night)

We were both a bit tired after yesterday. I think the heat and concentration needed for the scrambles, and the scrambles themselves, exhausted us. Trevor thinks our daily mileage is too high. We have an argument going on this. We park it during the day, haul it out when we start looking for a campsite for the night, bark at each other twice and then file it away till the next day 😀.

We had an uneventful morning, other than struggling with suffocating heat. We were in a stretch of little water and at our first road intersection a trail angel left a few gallons of water, but as we planned well (including not cooking the night before but rather snacking, as cooking use too much water) we still had enough water so left the offering to those who would need it more.

Trevor found (on Guthook) a motel 200m off trail and send Alison (the woman who runs it) a message to ask if they sell cold drinks and when he got a Yes back his mood had a 180degree turnaround.

The Gateway Motel is a tired looking place but it seems as if there is a new owner who is trying to get it renovated. I am just not sure how well it will turn out because I suspect the man doing the renovation came with the motel and it doesn’t seem as if he can even dress himself properly! On the plus side a very personable Alison can probably get the marketing done all by herself: she got the motel listed in the guide book and the mobile app and she clearly understands that the hikers market can bring in a stream of customers.

We asked for 5 cold drinks, Alison brought it out (with an ice-lolly for me which tasted so good in the heat, I stopped eating those things 43 years ago but maybe it is time to start again!) and refused to take money for it! She said it’s on the house….marketing to her target market!

As we sat on the veranda (a bit too exotic a term for what it was) having our coolies a little thunderstorm screeched by, cooling down the temps but leaving us smug and dry. This cold drink stop was well timed 😀.

Alison was super friendly and helpful (we also filled up on water) and told me about a walk in monk coming by the motel last week – he is apparently walking around the world, making the AT look like a short walk!

Here is a picture of Alison and (the owner) Mr Danesh – she agreed to having her photo taken ONLY if Mr Danesh could be in the picture too; as I said: clever girl this one.

We walked another 4 or 5km, found a camping spot on soft pine needles, cooked dinner, crawled into our sleeping bags and are now listening to the sound of soft rain on the tent.

There wasn’t anything hugely exciting or interesting about today, but a few small things turn it into a pleasant day.


5 thoughts on “Small Things – 29 June

  1. What wonderful people you’re meeting! I still giggle about the permanent focus on food and rehydration, and I think one needs to be immersed in your space to fully understand it.
    We’re heading into Lesotho shortly so will be out of touch for a few days. Opposite weather to you – max tomorrow is -7😳


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