And into New Jersey we go- 1 July

I woke up at 2am, reached out to find Trevor and realised the bed was double the size of our tent!

After my ice cream demand of yesterday I had to accommodate his wish for coffee and a slice of pie for breakfast (carrots and grapes didn’t make it through to this morning) at the Apple Pie Bakery store.

By 8h30 we were heading back to the trail.

Trevor couldn’t wait to move on from rocky Pensylvania and here he is crossing the state line:

Were I to write a children’s book on the AT (now there is an idea) I would say the Pensylvania rocks got up quietly during the night, sneaked through Delaware Gap into New Jersey and laid down waiting to laugh at us when we entered thinking the trail will be smooth. We can’t really tell the difference, the trail is as rocky as it was yesterday! None of the scrambling rocky outcrops but definitely full of rocks.

We bumped into No Eyes (our American friend from Japanese origin) who was sun bathing next to the glacial lake, one of the 7 natural wonders of New Jersey:

We did the half a kilometer detour (times two for there and back) to pick up cold drinks (and sandwiches yeah I don’t have to cook tonight) from the Mohecan Outdoor Centre round (late) lunch time.

We met some friendly NJ people on the trail who told us that NJ people are very unfriendly…! We also met Lolli and Pop, friends of TryTry who has been recovering at Barb and Ironman after a fall – a small world!

Trevor threw out a pair of Darn Tough socks this morning, we now swear by the brand but his one sock had a big hole in it. I wasn’t happy about him discarding the socks (the hole isn’t on the foot part) as he now has only one pair and rain is predicted for tomorrow! We have different views on the issue, Trevor says when your shoes are wet and the grass is wet putting on dry socks serves no purpose as they get as wet as the wet socks in 2min. He is not wrong, but at least clean socks getting wet and then dry out on your feet don’t have the risk of creating cuts on your toes like dirty wet socks getting dry do. Wrinkling your sophisticated little noses? Yes it is tough out here in the bush, not all romantic and la-la-la as you may think 😀


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