Recall the Ugly Thoughts – 2 July

New Jersey gave us every format of rock today, trail strewn with rocks, rock flows, rocky outcrops, rock scrambles. Maybe Pensylvania isn’t the rocky state but the start of rockiness on the trail.

Round about lunch time we were at this lake and grabbed lunch at a tavern on the shore.

I don’t know about unfriendliness of people from NY (as yesterday’s couple warned us about) but – judging from the staff and patrons at this tavern they are a bit unpolished.

The squint waitress and the cook both wore outfits I won’t even go to bed in. The two travelling salesmen can’t be judged as I don’t know where they were from, but they were not the brightest. The worst was the two toughies sitting outside having their lunch, talking about a motorbike trip they are planning. They were swearing so much that it was hard to hear the innocent words amongst the profanities!

Trevor’s hamburger came without the top part of the bun, and without the lettuce, tomato and onion he was offered and accepted. Just as he was finishing his meal the cook came out with a paper plate with a lettuce leave, a slice of tomato and slice of onion. She plonked it down next to him without an apology and as she went back into the kitchen I heard her say “oh here is the top of someone’s burger”….

I would have asked for the missing bits if it was my food, but Trevor doesn’t ever complain about food at a restaurant – and as we were already having an argument about something ELSE I wasn’t going to risks complaining on his behalf!!!

After lunch we had 14km to do to get to our 32km planned for the day. We were still not talking to each other so it was not the bear’s fault of only becoming aware of us when we were quite close. She ran off and I said to Trevor that we will now be forced to talk to each other (need to be noisy so the bear can hear where you are and not be surprised) – instead he talked as if he was having a discussion with the bear!!!!!!

As I was walking in front I had a good view of her as she ran off and she was beautiful and in good condition.

Apart from our argument, we also had a misunderstanding (happens easily when you only talk in half sentences because of being cross with each other) on how much water we need vs how much water we had. By the time Trevor realised that between us we had less water than he thought, and I realised there is no water source at the shelter we are tenting at, we were way too far from the last spring to turn back. We were going to have to not cook tonight to make the water we have last untill we get to water tomorrow.

As you can see I didn’t have a good day. As we were walking I thought how I dislike New Jersey, and on top of that: the trail maintenance is terrible and the trail markings very bad.

Then we arrived at the shelter, and who ever maintains this section of the trail (or perhaps a trail angel???) has stored gallons and gallons and gallons of drinking water in the bear box (bear box is a bear proof container where you can store food, it’s s bit like the baboon proof bins we have in SA).

Finding the water was such a relief that Trevor and I started talking to each other again 😀. And it changed my mood. And maybe the reason I hated everything today was because of my bad mood more than anything else…..

I wasted a day of my life because I was in a bad mood. That’s silly, I must not do that again! Tomorrow will be a better day…..


2 thoughts on “Recall the Ugly Thoughts – 2 July

  1. Ria, I think you have found your future calling – you absolutely need to carry on writing when you get back home. Your posts are brilliant, it feels like we’re right there with you, being part of all the experiences. (Hee hee, especially when you describe you and Trevor arguing (and not talking as a result). You will have to join Mands’ and my writing mornings. Miss and love you xxx


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