Fort Montgomery – 6 July

Woke up from our overnight spot to a peaceful setting.

Within a few minutes of walking we came across this deer,who was totally unfazed by us:

We saw (next to each other) old and new water towers:

It was an easier day than yesterday. We were walking into Fort Montgomery for a rest day, and we had worked hard all week (done 175km since we left Delaware on Monday) to allow us to walk in early afternoon to allow us to Sero. We had only 24km to do and it was cooler than yesterday.

But there has been (as I told Trevor last night) an executive decision. We are having a Zero iso a Sero. I am tired. I need 2 nights in a bed. And a wake-up to go-to-bed day of not hiking. I need to be CLEAN and fresh smelling for a while, I need to wear flip-flops iso hiking boots, I need to eat lots! (though Trevor is losing so much weight he will soon weigh less than me!!!)

It’s always easier to handle whatever the trail throws at you when you have a walking into town day. We had more of our vehicle- boulders and a few steep climbs. But state of New York has built amazing stairs at the steepest parts. Who and how they found the rocks to be the perfect shape and size to use, and where the man power came from to build, I don’t know, but it is a sight to behold.

Our last mountain for the day was Bear Mountain – up from one side (moderately tough but beautiful with view points as far as New York and stunning views of the Hudson) and down a loooooong stretch of rock built stairs which the public use for excursions to the top of the mountain.

By the time we started to go down it was raining and at some point I slipped and fell. Trevor was rushing from behind to help but right in front of me were these two beautiful young men who were ready to help me up. Pity I am old and dirty but oh well, they were probably gay…..

After descending Bear Mountain we walked through a recreation centre next to a lake where lots of families were having picnics, and then through a zoo which might have been interesting but Trevor was now like a horse who smelled home….

We got picked up close to where the trail exited the zoo and are now in the Bear Bridge Motel. We had dinner, and then bought a tub of ice cream which we gobbled up in our room while watching news on TV.

Tomorrow we will do some sightseeing (revolutionary war site) and I need to plan our next stop and find somewhere to buy our food. But for now I am going to only focus on enjoying the night in bed!


4 thoughts on “Fort Montgomery – 6 July

  1. Enjoy your sero + zero. You have really earned it. Perhaps it’s a bit like how I run uphills – push hard for 3 lampposts, then walk for one to rest so that I can push the next 3. If I don’t do the walk, I just get slower and grumpier 😳
    And tell Trevor to eat more – we can’t have our men being skinnier than us!


    1. When we are in town he eats non-stop and when we hike he eats as much as we can carry (including a 1.18kg bag of Skittles!).


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