Trail Magic from my Husband – 7 July

Trevor ordered new shoes (he now swears by the trail runners he bought 700km ago, but they have a shorter life span than boots) from Amazon and had them delivered to Bear Mountain Bridge Motel in Fort Montgomery (a five room motel) where we stayed last night (and by executive decision also tonight πŸ˜€).

My feet have been killing me over the last few days. It was so bad I was wondering if I could continue – it felt if the toes and balls of my feet have been crushed in a cement mixer.

When we got to the motel Trevor got his package with new shoes and made me try it on. It felt so much better, so much better, so much better than my boots. These shoes are made specifically wide in front so the toes can spread out as if you are not wearing shoes.

This morning we went out for coffee and donut breakfast at the Bagel Cafe.

Trevor said I should wear the shoes to feel how it feels when I’m walking in it. Again it felt good. No outfitter around here (or in any of the towns we are going to be close to over next few days) so I thought to mail -order a pair to be delivered to our next stop, but Trevor decided I’m getting his new shoes, he will manage for another 180km in his old shoes and order another pair to be delivered to our next charge/resupply town (planning that for next Sunday, we are now targeting a 6 night out cycle).

On a hike the 2 most important things (even more important than calories) are your feet-shoes-combo, and water. Trevor gave me the best gift of my life this morning 😘.

Our motel host (calling himself Grandpa but he is probably my age) has been great: picking us up from the trail head within 5mins of us calling him, and saying that IF he goes to the neighbouring town today he will give us a lift (as there isn’t a grocery store in Fort Montgomery). At some point this morning he told us he is heading over to Highland Falls so we hopped in and did a quick re-supply at the grocery store (I also bought a bag of fresh cherries – Barb {Mrs IceMan} fed us cherries when we stayed over and they were so good that it’s something we are now on the lookout for wherever we see fresh fruit). He then took a drive through the town: we saw West Point (military academy) and some beautiful old (built with either stone or wood) churches. It’s definitely a nice little town and a good thing we are not staying there as we would have walked around too much.

We had a mostly off-our-feet day, other than walking to the pizza place 750m from the motel. It wasn’t a great place – no aircon and it’s a hot day out here, small menu, double the price of much nicer pizza places we have visited over the last few weeks.

But as so many times over the last 3 months we ended up having a great time in a place we wouldn’t have expected to enjoy ourselves. We shared the Veggie Pizza- the waitress must have thought we are stupid as the menu listed it as a Veggie Pie, we asked what a Pie is and the more she explained the less we understood. In the end I pointed to the pizza on another table and asked her if that was a Pie, and it was. So seemingly (at least in this county) a Pie = Pizza.

Many people (probably visitors to the area who came to visit Bear Mountain) came in, walked inside only to realise that’s only the serving counter and pizza preparation area and that the only sitting area is where you enter (which was uncomfortably hot with no aircon), sat down, looked at the menu and got up and left. The waitress just handled all these guys so gracefully, without any irritation.

Our pizza was full of real veggies, tomato, green peppers, brinjals, onion, spinach and olives. It was way too big but we won the battle: we definitely created a calorie surplus today (oh no I have become one of those people posting photos of my food πŸ˜†)

Being taken back to the trail head tomorrow around 7. The grass on the other side is always greener. On the trail we dream about town days, after a while in town, once all tasks are done and the legs rested, we look toward the mountain and think we should be out there, moving towards Maine….


4 thoughts on “Trail Magic from my Husband – 7 July

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you kept going with such sore feet. Enjoy your new shoes! It’s convenient you two wear the same size (or close enough)!


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