Peanuts, Hiker Boxes and Mozzies – 9 July

Trevor was disappointed that I didn’t add the peanut story to yesterday’s blog (I’m struggling to keep it short, there are always so much to tell) so here it is:

Grandpa was (understandably) a bit irritated when he handed our laundry back. He said he has found many things (left in pockets) in his washing machine but our peanuts was a first. Trevor….. I had to pick peanuts out of the machine twice whilest on this trip and it isn’t fun. Sorry Grandpa….

Last night when I took off my shoes and socks I found this (look between smallest and neighbouring toe):

Obviously one of the peanuts ended up in my sock during the washing cycle and got positioned between the toes when I put on the sock. Trevor says this shows how flexible the shoes are, I can carry a peanut between my toes for a day without even knowing it!!! And no, I didnt eat it when i found it….

Somebody asked what I did with my old boots – I left it in the hiker box at Grandpa’s motel.

Most establishments having an inflow of hikers have a hiker box. Hikers drop anything they dont want in there and take from the box anything they want. If for example the supermarket sells only packets of 4 toilet rolls the hiker will buy it, take one and drop the other 3 in the box. Other hikers can then take toilet rolls from the box. Hikers leave a range of things in there – food, toiletries, clothes, camp shoes (I left my crocs in a box on day 3), I havnt seen hiking boots yet but always a first. They are quite new and if somebody using that brand&model&size come along just when they need new shoes….Else Grandpa will probably take it to salvation army.

I am very tired today, we did 33km of which only 31km counts, the other 2km was for getting back onto the trail from last night’s camping spot (700m off the trail) and a detour to get to a deli. This time I was keen for the detour as i was hungry for sonething more substantial than biscuits and half a pepporoni stick, and thirsty for Gaterade.

Later we walked past this beautiful lake (unfortunately no camping allowed)

There used to be a nuclear testing facility which was closed in 1972 after an explosion. Tests have been done to ensure no radiation risk before they routed the AT along the edge.

The mozzies (mosquitoes) are driving us nuts. Thousands of them terrorise us daily. Trevor asked Google what mozzies eat if there arent people around. They can penetrate some animals but if nothing else is available they live on the nectar from plants. At our last break the mozzies piled onto us. Trevor said “they have accepted tonight was going to be vegetarian but the one guy has just shouted to his mates YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT JUST LANDED….

I laughed so much I ended up having tears streaking down my face. Firstly for his joke. Then for the fact that I found it so funny. At least – after a long tough day – I found my loss of sense of humour wasn’t permanent!


6 thoughts on “Peanuts, Hiker Boxes and Mozzies – 9 July

  1. Loved the peanut toe! And I remember those mosquitoes! Horrible, horrible. In the end we found the only thing that worked was DEET, but we had to be so careful to keep it off our hands and food. I remember going for a run, and there was a cloud of them following me. Everytime I stopped, they’d catch up. Hopefully they’ll start thinning out when it gets cooler.

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  2. I wonder if Avon So Soft would help with the mozzies? In Scotland from the end of May till sometime in Sep they are plagued with midges – little biting gnats. Apparently Royal Marines discovered that if they applied their wives’ Avon So Soft then they didn’t get bitten. Avon aren’t allowed to advertise it for that purpose but it is well known and we used it when we were up in Scotland. What probably makes it work is that it leaves an oily firm on your skin that prevents the midges from biting. Could you get it in the US? It isn’t an insect repellent so you wouldn’t want to use it where there is a risk of nasties like malaria, but that isn’t the case for you, you just don’t want to be bitten. DEET is quite nasty stuff really. Kerry took a supply with her to Malaysia because of the risk of Dengue Fever and Malaria but it is actually banned in Malaysia, which says something.
    Love the peanut toe and Grandpa telling you off.


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