Toughening Up – 11 July

I remember those first days in Georgia and North Carolina – we crawled up and down massive mountains and lying in our tents at night we felt pains running up and down our legs.

Over the weeks it became better, the leg pain less severe, the climbs less soul destroying. We were getting fitter. The terrain also became easier – the highest mountains we scaled in the beginning, later on the mountains became lower, then there were only hills.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still tough. One isn’t out there for 12hours a day (of which 8-9 is walking and the rest taking breaks) with a heavy backpack without being stuffed at the end of the day. But those hours allowed us to get 32-35km per day done.

Now….not so much. We have made our 30km plus a day for most days but we had to spend more and more time getting the miles in. And I am stuffed at the end of it. We have become (relatively) unfit and now the trail is getting more difficult and toughening us up again so that we can be in shape when we get to the Whites (in New Hampshire – no Janet we are not in NH yet, we are in Connecticut, we still have to do Massachusetts as well and only then NH).

This is so weird. As I’m lying in our tent typing this a group of young people arrived and they are setting up tents next to us, talking about exactly the same thing. The one guy said he feels his body has been softening and now he finds it hard to handle the days. At least I’m not the only one….

Today was tough. Started off with a scary Downhill. There were even rock-climbers on one of the boulders.

We had a breather midway through the day when we had a 6km flat stretch, but this afternoon we had 2 tough climbs; I don’t know why we always come across the hardest climbs in the afternoons.

We had one opportunity to get to a shop today but it was 1 mile off the trail and even Trevor felt that is too much of a detour.

We have a motel reservation for Sunday night in Great Barrington (remember Trevor needed an address to have his shoes delivered too). It now looks as if we can make it in Saturday evening but unfortunately accommodation cost is double on a Friday&Saturday so we will have to just do a few shorter days and walk in on Sunday as planned. Pity as it feels like a waste of time. On the other hand, my energy levels are low so it will probably be good for me to have two easier days.

Oh by the way, I had one good laugh today. My friend Elma sent a note to say she is sure walking with a peanut between your toe for 30km must be a world record. I think she is correct! Maybe I can get listed….?


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