It Seems as if Fridays are Good Trail Days – 12 July

You must have picked up that my morale was low yesterday, but today was a great day. It does seem as if Fridays have been kind to me.

Yesterday I had no energy, I struggled to even walk the level parts. I think my mom prayed me back into higher energy levels because today I was strong.

We haven’t walked very far this morning (and it was early so the other hikers weren’t on the trail yet), when we heard loud singing. It took a while before we crossed paths with the singer, who was coming in the opposite direction. He wore long black pants and a long sleeve white shirt, and he was checking (I assume) the lyrics on an i-pad. I think he is in a musical and was practising his songs, Trevor doesn’t think he sings well enough for that to be the explanation. But then…. Trevor can listen to 5 different versions of Bob Dylan’s Desolation Road (13mins long) in one sitting so I am not sure he can be the judge of a good singing voice?

Later in the morning we started hearing racing cars. Now in New York State we got used to walking in the forest with the sound of a metro around us, but we are in Connecticut now and racing cars….? It was so loud we thought we will get to a viewpoint and see a racing track at the foot of the mountain. When we got to a clearing and could see the track, the cars were tiny (so the track was quite far) but the sound was deafening.

I told you each day brings some surprise!

We had a planned detour to have lunch at the Toy Cafe in Falls Village. However, though an interesting place, we paid $2 each for a cold drink and decided we are not going to pay those prices so left after the Pepsi. Look at this old church (now a community centre) we walked past:

I also had an outdoor shower at the power station (another power station running off the Housatomic river):

We went to the Package Store (a liquor outlet, the only other retail outlet in the village) and had a liquid lunch: Trevor had 2 liters of Coke and I had 1 litre of Gaterade/Minute Maid. Re-hydrate+calories! The lady working there was lovely, old but skinny, and a bit of mutton dressed up as lamb, but just sweet and welcoming and offering to charge our phones and fill our water bottles. I should have taken a photo of her, she would have posed willingly!

While sitting there we had to decide where to walk to today. Unfortunately in Connecticut the terrain doesn’t lean itself to wild camping and official camping sites are few and far between. Our options were a 22km day (too short) or a 35km day (too far).

But….there is a town at 29km:perfect distance. Plus I have read about Maria in Salisbury. She is 90 and a character and you can stay in rooms in her house (ie a more civilised format of a hiker hostel). We were supposed to not do any non-camp nights before Sunday, but Trevor said well, part of our trip is seeing the States so let’s go check out Salisbury!

We phoned Maria and Barbara (her live-in friend/assistant) answered and took our booking. When we arrived at the trail head at 5pm and called again to get the address Maria herself answered – but she couldn’t hear us!!! Anyway, we made our way to her house and she was delightful! She is sweet to me but very flirtatious with Trevor:

She is from the Dolomites in Italy but have lived in States for decades. She made me write my questions/comments on a piece of paper as she really can’t hear well, but other than that she is in great shape.

She drove us to the next door town where we had beer, pizza and ice cream. Trevor said dinner was so much better than eating Instant Mash and Salad-topping bacon bits while the mozzies are harassing you! After dinner we called Maria’s house and was picked up by Barbara, who, though 50years younger than Maria is just as pleasant and welcoming (and has been to South Africa).

It seems as if Maria and Barbara both get up late in the morning, but we have been told where the coffee, eggs, bread and orange juice is and we are supposed to make ourselves a nice breakfast before setting off for the day. All of this included in the very reasonable hikers hostel rate.

Tomorrow we are walking over those babies (the blue mountains you can see in the distance) – it’s higher than it seems I promise you (tomorrow night I might be sulking again 😀).

Luckily we dont have a long day planned for tomorrow (as we need to not overshoot Great Barrington where we are booked in for Sunday night).


4 thoughts on “It Seems as if Fridays are Good Trail Days – 12 July

  1. Sorry I haven’t been in touch. Been quite busy. Talking about energy, on a Thursday we had our coaching group meeting and the topic was Tony’s Schwartz’s take on balancing energy, rather than time. He talks about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy, which all play their different roles in our lives. There are things we can do to increase each of them, and yes, they are interconnected. The spiritual energy was the most interesting for me. He says it’s the “source of our motivation, perseverance and direction. We define “spiritual” not in the religious sense, but rather in more simple and elemental terms: the connection to a deeply held set of values and to a purpose beyond our self-interest.”

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    1. That is very interesting – i was actually wondering whether my low physical energy on Thursday was caused by physical factors, or by low mental energy.


  2. The only thing I am not sure about your return is whether you are going to be a full time writer, comedian, psychologist or data analyst.

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