Missing out on a view not the end of the world – 18 July

Apologies for this not being posted earlier, we had no signal. As a matter of fact, we suspect that network coverage will become less reliable as we go north. Don’t get worried if you don’t hear from me for a day or even a few days.

I will add pictures when better signal.

What makes putting on wet clothes easier is when you know you are going to get a cup of coffee before hitting the trail. Luckily Dunkin Donut in Cheshire opened at 5am so when we arrived just after 6 there was already a queue. We had a breakfast croissant and coffee and then head into the woods.

Our packs were heavy, stocked with maximum food – I bought so we can go as far as 6 days before going into town, but the damn towns aren’t at the (mileage) locations I need them to be so it seems we will have to go in after four days, making carrying this heavy load a waste.

Today’s task was easy. Greylock mountain is Massachusetts highest mountain. All we needed to do today was to walk UP the mountain, on way to the top walked past pond+cabin (one of most photographed scenes on the AT), get to the top and inhale spectacular view, walk DOWN the mountain and then amble along for a while to get to 30km for the day.

Life’s not always following our plans and that is not how our day worked out. We walked in cool temperatures in a slight mist, covering the long (mostly gradual) ascend to the summit. The forest was beautiful but as we climbed the mist got thicker, we got to the pond but couldn’t even see the cabin. By the time we got to the top you could hardly see 30m ahead of you. We had to look around a bit before finding the lodge we were planning to have coffee at. I was seriously disappointed in not being able to enjoy the view but the coffee was going to make me feel a bit better.

As we walked in, we saw Iceman. For a moment I assumed it was coincidence, that he must be there to attend a conference, but next to him was Barb. We had no idea they were coming up so it was a lovely surprise. They travelled to the New York state section of the trail to assist another “adopted hiker” they support, then travelled up further north to find us. From my blog and Trevor’s daily location & photo WhatsApp, and Iceman’s knowledge of the trail, they could easily work out where to intercept us. Suddenly missing out on the view became immaterial – having our friends here was a bigger highlight than a view could have been. Plus Barb sneaked in some cakes for us to have with our coffee and for a while there life was good 😀.

But…. we still have to get to Maine so after a nice break we picked up the backpacks and set off again. They were going to do trail magic and would find us somewhere on the trail later during the day.

I was having a good day, feeling strong, but the steep descend got to Trevor. He either had a (rare) bad day, or the food he is carrying is too heavy. We decided that we would do a shorter day – 27km only. As the terrain gets more challenging our mileage will drop and maybe it’s already starting to happen.

We saw Iceman and Barb at the last road crossing before our camping spot, had some drinks and snacks (got cake to take with us to cheer up our ramen&tuna dinner!!!) and then walked on to our camp site. They are going into town for the night and will set up a trail magic station a bit further north tomorrow which we should reach late in the afternoon. I am looking forward to hearing how many and which thru hikers are a day ahead of us.

The forests have been pretty today and the bugs much less obtrusive – I suspect it was the cooler misty weather. I wonder what mozzies do when it rains?

Some locals in the little town of Greylock we walked through said good luck for tomorrow : it’s gonna be hot. Others said good luck with getting very wet tomorrow, with no Internet connection we couldnt check weather so time will tell.


4 thoughts on “Missing out on a view not the end of the world – 18 July

  1. Sjoe, and we’ve got a cold front coming in.
    So lovely you get to see more of your new friends. Even though you’ve got Trevor, there must be some lonely times on the trail.


  2. Just want to say Hi…. All sounds good with you two, hope you don’t get to wet again.
    We are having “lovely wet” winter.
    Take care.


    1. Hi – so nice to hear from you. People forget they read the blog but I also need news from them!


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