Confession Time – 24 July

Last night at 2am we both got out of the tent to “go in the woods”. Back into our sleeping bags Trevor said he thinks I’m making this trip stressful to myself by planning too much.

Ex-bloody-cuse me!!! He has the benefit of me looking at the distances and the towns and planning our town trips to be optimal considering re-supply, laundry, charging. I didn’t bother defending myself or spelling out how my planning is making our trip better, I turned on my other side and slept on.

As it was I was already irritated. Our Manchester town visit is not (as he said in his WhatsApp) to celebrate being 75% done, it is due to someone’s bad planning we found ourselves being committed to go into town. The celebration angle is typical Trevor – Mr Positive: we have to go in let’s make it a celebration. Besides – we get to see another American town (true, I give him that).

As we were walking (still beautiful and with much less mud today) I was sulking. This carried on for about an hour before I realised that I’m the only unhappy one, with Trevor blissfully unaware that there is an issue and that I am annoyed. Besides, when you are surrounded by such beauty, and the climb is so steep, you cannot waste your energy on being irritated. And with my change of attitude I became lighter and was flying up the hills.

We finished the 20km walk quite early, and got a ride into town very easily. First we went to the outfitter to look at different warmth of sleeping bags (our light weight summery ones have left us cold for two nights and though dreading the extra weight of our warmer bags which Iceman is holding onto for us, we are very scared of being too cold when we are in higher mountains) and to get my socks replaced (Darn Tough has a lifetime guarantee – if they get holes in, like mine did, the outfitter gives you a new pair for free and send the holy pair back), had a pizza, bought a few things (we don’t really need food but got a few extra bars and a phone charger as ours is playing up) and was picked up by Jeff, the owner of Green Mountain Hostel.

Jeff and Duffy, who runs the hostel, are great guys. After our shower we noticed this (I’m wearing loan clothes – clothes you borrow from them while you wash your own):

By now my day was a happy day. We hiked well, Trevor seemed back to full strength, we had a good town visit and the hostel we are staying at must be the best hikers hostel we have been in. There are so many little conveniences hikers need, and a few treats on top of it (each hiker get a Ben&Jerry pint of ice cream for $1). And they fly our flag for us. πŸ˜€

And just then my bubble burst. Trevor wanted to charge our power bank and realised we have lost our cable. It is a mystery how that happened but this is another setback which will cost us time. He ordered a new cable from Amazon and it will be delivered to the next town but, complicated by post office hours and access routes, we may lose another day due to this.

I feel a bit moedeloos, we were doing so well but during the last week we hit obstacle after obstacle. All I want is for us to now get to the Whites but with all the issues we had our New Hampshire arrival date has moved out by 3 days already and now it might be 4. Trevor on the other hand, is not stressed at all. To him these things happen and one just has to deal with it. Arghhhh!!!!!

Hostel next morning – fantastic coffee! And this view:

Duffy :


4 thoughts on “Confession Time – 24 July

  1. Chill Ria. Enjoy the beauty. Your deadlines are self-imposed. Give yourself some love and be gentle on you. Spend today as a human-being instead of a human-doing. 😘

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  2. Jozi, tell Ria to slow down and smell the coffee and the roses. She’s 3/4 of the way there and when she’s finished she’s going to be sad and wonder where it all went. Best holiday of your life! Looking good Ria, I’ve been smiling at the photo of you in the skirt and you’ve been smiling back at me. πŸ™‚


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