Little Bits of This and That – 28 July

Just a reminder that this is actually where we spend most of our time: Today the trail went within 1km of the Killington Deli. What more shall I say, you all know what followed. Yes we walked 1km up the steep road in direct sunshine so Trevor could buy his Fanta. To get value out of the detour I had a big Gaterade, a chocolate and we shared a Pastrami footlong. I will acknowledge that it is a beautiful little Deli but oi, then we had to walk another km (luckily downhill this time) to get back to the trail.

After this we have walked 11km of which only 9km count towards the day, but we boosted our calories by about 1000 each.

The rest of the day was walking up and down, including a few steep climbs. Total ascend for the 27km day was 1300m.

We met two older men (one’s name I cant recall and the other Wet Wipes). They are doing the AT in sections, but they do the sections in day hikes, they have 2 cars, always leave one where they start the day and one where they plan to finish the day, overnight in AirB&B and tomorrow they go through the same exercise again.

As we were filtering water at a stream we had Nav, her dog Aero, her AT walking partner Groove, and 2 other hikers we know (Orange Crush and Alex – the one who failed the ice cream challenge so badly) coming from the wrong direction (Nicky I promised a photo, here it is):

They were slackpacking – Nav has a sore on her back so she can’t carry her pack, the boys slackpack with her for the day (slackpacking is often done in the opposite direction of your thru-hike, just to make drop offs and pick ups easier). Anyway, Alex was carrying his pack full of beers, they decided seeing that they are slackpacking they will spread some trail magic. Trevor had a beer (it was a sweet idea but of course the beers arent cold) and when done, they took the empty bottle back as easier for them to discard (they are sleeping back in town tonight).

Just after they left Wet Wipes and whathisname arrived, we were sitting at a stream next to a gravel road and this is where their car was parked. They gave us oats bars and some oreo cookies: the snacks they didn’t get round to eating today, they are heading out to another restaurant meal so donated their hiker snacks to us wood- campers.

We walked another 8km, pitched tent, cooked, ate, washed up, and crawled into the tent. About 3mins after we got into the tent, the rain started coming down. Perfect timing!


One thought on “Little Bits of This and That – 28 July

  1. I love sleeping in a waterproof tent in the rain! Especially when it comes down just after you’re all zipped in! Enjoy!
    And, as much as it makes me sound like a slacker, I love the way the two older gents are doing the trail – sounds like my kind of hiking. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!


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