More from the Hikers Welcome Hostel – 3 Aug Round 2

Two blogs today 😀. But an interesting evening.

Spoke to a few SOBOs and feel more informed about Whites. We know and expect it to be physically tough but we now understand a bit more about the logistics.

See Circuit Rider and Trix (big guy) below:

Trix is a friend of the hostel owner (who isnt around) and comes up every August to be the host. He is very well informed and his job is to talk the hikers (there is a couple managing the hostel). His claim to fame, other than being well known, is that he thru-hiked with Earl Shaffer (the first man to hike the Appalachian Trail in full in 1948) when he did his 50 year anniversary hike in 1998.

Circuit Rider is thru-hiking (but has his car with him and somehow arrange for it to be moved up the trail as he goes so he can use it when he needs it….?!) – he is a preacher, he goes off the trail everywhere and does sermons in different towns on Sundays, then hop back and hike on. He asked if we know Klipspringer from South Africa – he hiked with him in 2003 and Klipspringer (now 82) is apparently back on the trail this year. We have been told looooong ago that there is an older SA man on the trail – now confirmed.

We also met Blue Diamond, who told us that he met Springbok and Dandelion. We know about them, they are from Stellenbosch and did the AT last year (or maybe the year before that).

So we have known/heard about the old guy and the Stellenbosch couple and in one day, in one place, met 2 people who have met all South Africans we know of who have been on the trail. How’s that for a small world?


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