The Little Boy is Ready to go Home – 6 Aug

Yesterday was our 4 month trail anniversary. I am losing a bit of sense of time.

We left Woodstock at 7am and was back on the trail by 7h30. At our first rest break a little boy (he must be 8 or 9, with a huge backpack) came walking/running downhill. He didnt stop, but as he went by he said “we are on the trail for 6 days, this is only my second day and I am ready to go home”. If he was standing still I would have told him I feel the same (ready to go home) but by the time he finished his sentence he was gone. The rest of his group was about 10 minutes behind him.

I think when this hike is over I will be sad, and will think back with fond memories. And I am still looking forward to the final weeks (Maine is apparently beautiful). But having been on the trail for 4 months I am not uneager to start thinking about going home. Hot showers, cooked meals, pedicures, dresses, high heels, a car to DRIVE where I want to go.

We did 3 more of the 17 “over 4000” peaks today, all part of the Franconian range: Mount Lincoln, Lafayette and Garfield. There was actullay a fourth one (Little Haysteck) but even though over 4000 feet it didnt get the status of a 4000 footer as the profile is apparently not “prominent” enough. Sounds like discrimination I would say?

Mount Lincoln from Little Haysteck:

Mount Lafayette from Mount Lincoln:

We could see the big daddy of them all (Mount Washington) from Lafayette.

We are in our tents resting our legs but super irritated. We are camping at a Appalachian Mountain Club shelter tonight. You pay per person to camp here to fund the salary of the caretaker at the site. New Hampshire is the first state finding it necessary to have a caretaker.

Anyway Float (the caretaker) allocated us a wooden tenting platform, asking us to pitch our tent to the side to leave space for a second tent if more comes in. He then allocated a couple with a massive dog to share our space. And he also put 2 hammockers next to the platform. We are so boxed in we cant get to the footpath leading from the platform!

Physically we had a tough day, I am going to sleep now even if it is only 7h30 pm. Hope our very close neighbours stay quiet for the night….


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