Exhausted – 10 Aug

We slept well enough on the floor at Madison hut.

My sister is fetching my mom for a visit and told her she will have to Work For Stay (but I think she will give her a room with a bed to sleep on 😀).

I am exhausted – physically and mentally. We left the Madison hut early this morning, had a short climb to the top of Mt Madison where again we saw nothing other than the rocks around us: wind was howling and visibility was terrible. We then had a 13km drop down to Pinkham notch where Iceman would be picking us up. The first 2km took us two hours, we were walking on nothing but beds of rocks. We ended up walking for 6hours to get down to the notch. Iceman walked in and met us with about 1km to go. I had a little cry when I greeted him, so relieved that today was over.

He drove us into Gorham where all the motels were fully booked (it’s Saturday night) so we are staying at one of the older (more rustic 😀) hikers hostels. We have decided (on our way down) that we will take a zero tomorrow. As we finished our walk round midday it’s strictly speaking a zero and a half but that’s what we need!

We were lucky with doing Mt Washington yesterday – the hikers doing it today all had to come down from the summit by car due to bad weather and now have to get up there again tomorrow to continue their down hike. A costly exercise as driving up or going up with the funicular is very expensive. I guess if there was an option to get down from Madison we would have taken it too but luckily it’s in the bag and the day is over.

We went out for a pleasant dinner with Iceman, who is camping in the woods while we are opting for civilisation – roles reversed. We are now back at hostel and in bed. Lights out is 9pm so I am like a naughty child doing this blog under the blanket….

Tomorrow Iceman will help us with logistics – we will go to Walmart to buy food for next few days but more importantly – Trevor’s cell phone has not survived the harsh 3 days we have just been through so we need to buy a new cell phone and clone his current profile to the new phone. Then we will drop off some additional food supplies to where we will stay on Tuesday so we don’t have to do our next section (called The Wild Cats) with overloaded packs. It helps a lot to have support from Iceman and it comes at a time we need it most.

For the record – there is a scale at the hostel and Trevor and I have both gained 2kg. I think the baked goods we buy from the huts and the double portion of bars we are having at the moment (for energy) is paying off.

Sorry no photo today. Weather and energy levels were not conducive to snap shots.


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