Wild Cats and Carters- 12 Aug

Iceman picked us up at 7h and took us back to the trail. We have 21miles (34km) to do before we will sleep at the Rattling River Hostel tomorrow so we need to do this in two days.

We had perfect weather and life in the Whites is so much better when there is kind weather.

We heard the Wild Cats is a tough stretch (what has not been tough in the Whites…) but I enjoyed them. There was a lot of rock scrambling required but sufficient hand holds and foot holds (trees, roots, indentations in the rocks) to make it a pleasant climb.

We had our last hut stop in the Whites (no more huts further on) where we were invited to have left over breakfast crumpets (they call it pancakes here) and Trevor bought a piece of the baked goods too. These college students go on a 5 day course and are then sent to the huts where they are cooking and baking for paying guests. Some of the baked goods are total failures (like the cake at an earlier hut where they forgot to add sugar) but they still sell it! This hut is next to a lake:

After the hut stop we crawled up mount Carter, it was steep and without boulder scrambling to make it more fun.

We got credits for a few 4000 footers today, 2 Wild Cat summits and 3 Carter summits. We are getting close to having our 17 in the bag.

The worst of today was the downhills – I am not too proud to sit on my behind to slide down a boulder and I have done so often today. But it is still putting strain on your body.

Camping options didn’t allow us to split the 34km to be done today and tomorrow 17/17. We did 21 today so will do only 13 tomorrow and then spend the rest of the day at Rattling River Hostel – I don’t even feel bad about having another half day off after yesterday’s zero; my body has now, after 3000km, decided it’s tired. I hope we can get in round lunchtime so that I can have the afternoon to relax.

Normally hikers are happy and social and pleasant. At the moment everybody looks a bit down, the weather of last few days took its toll.


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