Waiting for Moose – 14 Aug

We left Rattling River Hostel around 7 this morning. Firefly and Martha Stewart were both almost ready to leave when we did, and Jolly (I dont think I have mentioned him before but a real character), who did Work For Stay there the night before was also supposed to be on the same stretch of trail as us today. Firefly passed us while we were having a snack break. No sign of Martha Stewart and Jolly…..they must have been caught in the vortex (when one spends a few days at a hostel, not being able to motivate the body back to the trail).

We had great weather for walking today, and we even had some views of both the Presidential peaks and the Wild Cats peaks.

Our next challenge is Mahoosuc Notch, followed by Mahoosuc Arm. The notch is known to be the slowest mile on the trail as you need to find your way over and under a heap of big boulders. It sounds as if it takes between an hour and a half and three hours to do it. The Arm is a very steep climb after the notch.

To set ourselves up for Mahoosuc we did 18km today and will do 15km tomorrow: a total of 33km from Rattling River where we stayed last night – too long for one day so we split it in two. Though I really enjoyed hiking again today, I was very happy that we were calling it a day at 18km. My body was ready to stop for the day. Friday will be our Mahoosuc day and after that we will have to turn up the daily mileage, our visas are only good for 5 more weeks or so.

We are tenting at a shelter next to a pond where the Guthook (Trevor’s mobile app) comments speak about 2 moose hanging out around the water. After dinner we took a stroll to the pond but they didn’t show themselves. Looking forward to our first moose sighting very much. Even the local population gets excited when they hear there is a moose around – I am not sure why as it seems attractiveness-challenged to me!

I know I have said this before but we do suspect to have little cell phone reception in Maine.


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