Maine – The Promised Land – 15 Aug

We are in Maine – the last of the 14 states the trail runs through. I switched on my phone at the border sign to take a picture, only to get a message from a friend that her mom passed away this morning. I had tears streaming down my cheeks, I was crying for my friend, and I was crying with the emotion of me and Trevor entering the AT’s version of the promised land.

When anybody ask where are you heading to, NOBOs always say to Maine, indicating they are doing the full hike. Of course where we are actually heading to is Mt Kathadin – but hikers don’t use the name lightly. If now asked where we are heading to we can’t say Maine anymore (as we are here!) so we will have to say “hopefully Mt Kathadin”

I enjoyed most of today’s hiking though it was tough – we were warned that the South of Maine is as tough as the Whites and unfortunately it seems as if it might be true. I just don’t know how long the trail is in “southern Maine”.

We had good weather and could see all the peaks of the Whites from the Mahoosuc range we are on now. Unfortunately this good weather is not long lasting, showers predicted for tonight and tomorrow morning.

There are many trails criss-crossing the mountain tops. They sometimes follow the AT partly but come up from parking lots, making for shorter routes. On the top of one of the mountains we found this family of Orthodox Jews, having a rest, eating some snacks and doing some reading.

Technology has changed life. Here is Trevor on top of a mountain where he had one bar cell signal, ordering our final pairs of shoes for the trip (to be delivered to a hostel we will stay at next week).

We are tenting at the start of the Mahoosuc rock scramble puzzle so tomorrow that will be our first challenge for the day.


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