Nero-ing in Rangeley – 20 Aug

Luckily we have never had 2 bad days in a row!

We had our Amazon ordered shoes delivered to Hikers Hut (hostel on the trail) near Rangeley. Originally we thought we would arrive late yesterday afternoon so planned to stay the night. When we saw South of Maine makes for slower walking we realised we would only arrive this morning, we decided to just pick up our shoes, pop into town for a bit of re-supply and then head on. My falls yesterday (and I didn’t mention but Trevor also had two falls yesterday and one this morning) and the fact that the next 3 days are going to be tough days, make us change the plans back to staying over. We are Nero-ing today (only walked 12km to Hikers Hut early this morning) and will tackle the next 3 days with (hopefully) revived spirits and legs.

The Hikers Hut is different to any hikers hostel we have been to. No electricity, no WiFi, no washing machine and tumble drier. What you get is an outdoor shower (with water scooped from river and heated by a donkey system) and little one man or two man hiker huts.

Trevor and I am in the FOR LOVERS AND POETS hut, on the river, a three walled hut and curtains if you want to be coy:

To get your devices charged they run you into Rangeley – a lovely little holiday town. Our battery banks are currently charging at the outfitters. We sat in a gazebo close to the lake passing time waiting for the ice cream shop to open:

Went for lunch at Sarge’s, owned by the family of the Sarge who built the snow mobile trail network in the 60’s (and at some stage in the past owned by actor Kurt Russel’s father). I had a Maine Lobster Roll – they don’t have airs and graces here: they take a lovely lobster and slap it on a hot dog bun and serve it up with fries. Make me wish for access to a kitchen, some butter and marscapone could have really done more justice to that lobster!

We opted to be fetched from town at 4. So we had time to pop in at the museum:

Then to a modern coffee shop where a customer heard me saying 5 words and immediately said: “you are South African” (she lived in Johannesburg for two years):

After the coffee (and salted caramel cheesecake I bought and resented having to share with Trevor) we went back to Sarge’s for a beer while waiting for our 4pm pick up. On the way back to Hikers Hut the shuttle will do a stop at the grocery store (these stretched out towns mean it is too far to walk there) and then we will spend a quiet evening by candle light in our romantic boudoir with the river view πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€:


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