Breakfast in Bed – 25 Aug

Iceman – don’t judge us…..

It seems (from all sources including state park employers) as if bears are not a problem in Maine. We have been diligent following the “protect your food from bear” rules all along the trail, but have now eased up on that a bit. A few days ago I sneaked our breakfast (a Cliff Bar each – it’s basically a 250 calorie cereal bar which comes in exotic flavours like Blueberry/White Chocolate and Macadamia/Peanut Fudge but all taste roughly the same) into a zip log bag into a waterproof bag into the tent, and 5 mins before it was time to get up I surprised Trevor with breakfast in bed. Since then that has become our routine so you will understand the context when I say:

Our day started with breakfast in bed. We planned 28km day for today. Tomorrow we are crossing the Kennebec river in a ferry (it’s actually just a canoo you are being rowed over in) but the operating hours is 9am to 2pm. We are sleeping 6km before the river, giving us more than enough time to be there by 9am. The 28km was planned to position us for the river crossing. It was also planned to see if our bodies can – now that the profile are gentle ups and downs with even some flat stretches mixed in – go back to the longer distances.

We made the 28km in reasonable good time but were both pretty tired when we arrived at where we are camping. The terrain with all its roots and rocks make for walking less easy than we hoped for. We will have to see how far we can get tomorrow after today’s high mileage. Can you remember the days we were doing 30-35 day after day? That was before the Whites and South of Maine chewed us up and spat us out.

We are sleeping at the edge of a lake tonight – what a beautiful peaceful setting. We walked on the shores of 3 lakes today. They are so beautiful and peaceful, I hope there will one day in the wilderness be an opportunity to just relax on one of the sandy beaches for an hour, and maybe have a swim (the weather has cooled down drastically, unsure if autumn is coming or if it’s just a cold front).

Two people commented on the blog saying it seems like yesterday we set off on this adventure and it is hard to believe we are almost done. For us it doesn’t feel like yesterday, it feels a lifetime away. As a matter of fact, even when I think back at previous states like Virginia, New York, Vermont – it seems as if those were walks we did in the past, not part of the present trip.

I am looking forward to tomorrow river crossing. Right after the crossing there is a meal serving hostel on the trail, I have been hungry all day so I plan to stop for a big meal there! And to use their WiFi to post this blog.


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