Aqua – 26 Aug

I wrote a long blog then lost it. Here is a summarised version:

We had water as theme today. Last night we slept next to water, this morning we walked next to a river, we then had the “ferry” crossing, this afternoon we had to carry 2kg of water each, tonight we are sleeping close to water again.

Last night would stay in my memory as one of the special nights of the hike. We heard the calls of loons throughout the night. Loons are much loved water birds with 4 different calls more beautiful than even Beethoven’s 9th symphony.

Walking out to the Kennebec river this morning was alongside one of its tributaries, at times on same level and at times on a slope above the cascading river, so peaceful.

Greg, the boatsman at the crossing, made us wait untill exactly 9am before he appeared and started carrying canoe and oars down to the river. We had a good time chatting to other hikers waiting to be taken across, and to Greg himself who was laughing at everybody’s impatience to get going. He, he said, had all day and was on no rush.

After the crossing we stopped at Caratunk house, just a few hundred meters off the trail. It’s a hostel with good re-supply also selling “walk-by-food”. Yesterday (and I suspect it’s the same every day) it was pulled pork sandwiches. We had that (excellent and filled with about half a pound of meat), some Little Debbie’s, coffee, milkshake and ice cream. And naturally Trevor had 3 sodas too. This was a 90min stop.

With all of the calories taken in we headed back to the trail and had good energy to push on a few more hours. We had our last good water source at 2, we both took on 2L of water and carried that all afternoon so we had water not only for the afternoon, but also for cooking tonight and tomorrow morning’s walk. Water is heavy! We are sleeping close to another pond tonight but it’s not great for drinking water.

We have 40km to go to Monson, our next and final town stop. We are considering to Zero there, our original plan was for a Nero only but we are tired and may need to take a day off before our final push. I’m pinching myself : cannot believe we are getting so close!


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