Not even an easy day is easy – 27 Aug

We had only one named climb today, Moxi Bald. After that the descend (which we hate) and then the rest of the day and tomorrow’s half day into Monson appeared to be a gradual descend, and easy walking.

Silly me. After all the days on the trail I should know nothing is easy. Easier than you expect at times, and easier than other days at times, but never categorically easy. And so it was today.

On our way up Moxi Bald we went through a maze of huge rocks:

The climb up was fun. It wasn’t too tough and it is a beautiful, bald, rocky summit. We had cell phone reception there so quickly sorted out some logistics and sent a few messages. And then we ate blueberries. We spent way too much time picking handfuls of blueberries. Because it’s tasty, because it’s a novelty, because we were hungry and because we are not sure if we will have more mountain tops covered in blueberry plants.

We did the ascend, gritting our teeth, we knew it had to be done and the easy part should be around the corner.

But it wasn’t. There were miles and miles of rocky trail chewing our shoes and feet. This makes root walking look like child play.

Other than the tough terrain, the slope showed on Guthook as gradual descend is made up of 140 down 120 up, 190 down 160 up, etc. Net slope is downhill but with little bumps all the time.

It was a pleasant day though. The trail was quiet and we often sat next to the water or on a fallen tree not talking. Don’t know where Trevor’s mind was but I was having flashbacks to other times on the trail we did just that.

It came as a bit of a shock to me that I have, in estimating when we should (DV) be climbing Mt K, not realised that there is a 10 mile stretch between exiting the 100 mile wilderness and the camp you stay the night before going up the mountain. That means our final date will be one day later than I thought.


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