Mt Katahdin – 5 Sep: Exactly 5 months on the trail

Adrenaline and 3 Ibuferin every 2 hours got me up hairy climbs and through winds almost blowing us off the mountain.

After a 4hr20min climb we made it to the top. I was hanging in there because I am a tough boere meisie but when I saw Tin Can, then Martha Stewart, then Pitstop and a few minutes later Tortoise all on the summit the tears were streaming like raging rivers. Not only are we AT thru-hikers (2019) but somehow we met 4 of our 5 favorite people at the top – even Trevor was hugging them!

And of course Iceman was waiting for us at the end:

Later in town we also saw Froggy and her dad Nametag. What an absolute special day.

Mt Katahdin is beautiful – I would love to climb her one more time in my life: when I am not injured and on a perfect day (sunny, no clouds, no wind)


3 thoughts on “Mt Katahdin – 5 Sep: Exactly 5 months on the trail

  1. Tears in my eyes as I read your story. What an incredible achievement! 🥳👏
    You two are legends!
    And now it’s time to rest your sore and tired body after pushing so hard for so long. You guys deserve a whole year off!
    Amazing to hear of the support from Iceman – a true angel 😇
    Can’t wait to hear all your stories in person.
    Sleep tight!

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    1. Thnx Fi and thnx for all your comments – always enjoyed hearing from you. Maine is no doubt the most beautiful of them all – what are you going to do about this being the one state you havnt seen…..?


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