Short term targets – 18 May

Today’s push was to get to the “General Store&Deli” before 14h, when they close on a Saturday. I needed to buy 2min noodles to replace the pot-knocked-over-twice losses else we will run out of food before the next re-supply opportunity. Trevor wanted to get to the “Deli” for lunch and was going to have a freshly baked croissant πŸ˜€. It is important to have these short term targets and rewards, this is part of what motivates us from day to day.

I warned him about high expectations but he reminded me of “The Old Bakery” we came across in Namibia, 100km away from anything, next to a filling station and wheel repair centre (much needed in the area! we have by then already used the extra wheel we took on the trip) with only 4 types of pastries and some breads on sale, but everything freshly baked and fabulous.

We spent the first few hours of the walk telling each other what we were going to order from the Deli. It beats the hell out of “this hill is steep” or “my shoulders ache”.

When we stopped for a rest and to fill up on water I looked at this picture and realised again how fortunate we are to be able to do this, and even better, to do it together.

On the way we saw lots of these flowers, called Mountain Laurels: before it opens it is a little star shaped ball and then opens to this delicate but detailed little flower.

The General Store&Deli served its purpose. Deli in Virginia seems to mean there is a kitchen where they can make hamburgers πŸ˜€ so we had hamburgers and lots of cold drinks. Tonight I only need to put some snacks on the plate.

I should have taken a photo of the maps on the wall at the Deli. There are one world map and one USA map – every hiker is invited to put a pin on the map to indicate where they come from. We put the first SA pin on. Interesting how for the States the majority comes from the East (from up North all the way down to Florida), and then a LOT from Colorado. Guess Colorado attacks the outdoor type.

On the way out of the area somebody gave up on offering trail magic (with all the “customers” away at Trail Days) but left some goodies next to the trail. We had cold drinks and some fruit, spelled out THNX with sticks on the lid of the one box, and moved on.

Other than the I NEED THE LOO RIGHT NOW incident we had powering up the first hill (you won’t get the details, I mention it merely as a place holder for me and Trevor to read and remember and laugh about in 5 years time) the rest of the day was quiet and uneventful.

Tomorrow the kids will return from Trail Days and the hills will be alive again with the sound of laughter.


7 thoughts on “Short term targets – 18 May

  1. I love your stories about focusing on food to keep you going. I do that all the time during my long runs, even on half marathons I start thinking about chocolate milk and boerewors rolls. So glad you found a decent β€œdeli”, and hope there are many more. Just living off the land!🀣

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    1. I hope we can return to normal polite eating habits once this is over. At the moment we are like animals, we see food and we just grab it and stuff it in

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