Maine IS Beautiful – 17 Aug

It rained during the night. And it rained this morning when we had to get up. We pulled our rucksacks into the tent and packed up, then got out to break up camp just as the rain stopped. The angels are smiling down on us!

We had a good day of walking – finished at 2pm as we were going into Andover. We did 17km and feel confident that if we were pushing on for 3 more hours we could have posted a respectable mileage for the day.

Maine is indeed beautiful, as everyone has told us. The forest is more wild than the forests we have seen before. The trail goes over sizable mountains and at the top you are not amongst the trees, you are in the open – if you catch the “in and out of clouds” right the views are spectacular. Unfortunately phone snap shots don’t do justice to the views.

There are some rock walking – see Trevor making his way up a 200m stretch of this:

The pick-up from the trail head was punctual, by the x-son in law of the woman owning the “lodge”. The “lodge” or hostel is uhm…… Picture the house of a 75 year old lower middle class woman in 1975. Now add a few modern day appliances (coffee maker, washing machine, tumble drier, Wifi, etc). Let the dust and dirt of the years settle in the places dirt normally collects. If you can picture that you understand where we are staying tonight – but good, honest people using their house to make a living from hikers so we are happy.

Some hostels are fantastic, others make for interesting stories. But all create memories we will treasure in years to come. The x-son in law looks Red Indian and this corner of the lounge definitely has the theme:

Walked to downtown for eating and shopping, what a lovely little town:

Had late lunch and coffee and a beer at The Little Red Hen – a delightful little restaurant. Here is Trevor trying to make his SA card work on the States systems.

Then did shopping (found everything I needed but more expensive than at Walmart), then back to Little Red Hen for home made ice cream. Then back to the Deli in the general dealer for a take away pizza as Trevor was STILL hungry (Or just wanted to compensate for being hungry on the trail) and then back to our hostel.

Thunder storms predicted for tonight but we will be dry in our out-of-the-70s house. Tomorrow we may be wet on the trail but what can you do…if we run away every time it rains we will never get this done!


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