Zero days are glorious

The duvet cover on our bed was so soft that waking up early was a treat, we were just revelling in the sensation of a matress and the softness of the sheets.

When the rest of the household woke up we went outside, sat on the patio having cup after cup of real coffee.

This area is beautiful and this is the view from the coffee binging station:

After getting to appropriate caffeine saturation level, we went to do a bit of food shopping (very little as Mathilda has pre-bought most of the things she reckoned will be good hiking food, including 5 varieties of cheeses {how about that Alban?} and a few versions of jerkey and salami-ish sticks). Our bear cannisters are overflowing – we will struggle up the mountain tomorrow but feast at meal times. By the way, we weighed the empty vaults: almost one kg each – they may be replaced by food bags soon….

Later on we drove to Hendersonville to see Stephen, and was treated to a great lunch.

The area around Stephen’s house looks like a botanical garden. There are 2 streams and a water wheel and I cannot believe how lush this area is.

Tomorrow we will be dropped off on the trail exactly where we were picked up yesterday and it will mark the end of our “weekend”.

The zero days may seem indulgent (and this one genuinely was as we were getting lots of loving care from Mathilda, Bob and Stephen) but they are essential in our lives. After x days of walking your legs get to a point of fatigue demanding a break. You can feel when the power in the legs are starting to not ignate when you instruct it to, and that signals time for a rest day. Our cycle may not be 5 days on 2 days off like a normal work week, but we do get our version of a “weekend” every now and again. And after that our version of “Monday”. 😬


3 thoughts on “Zero days are glorious

  1. Very impressed that you have got elegant outfits too in your backpacks or did you send an advance suitcase? Looking perky and ready for a few days on!

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