Shenandoah Day 1 – 4 June

My mother (whose feet are giving some problems) went mall-ing with my sister yesterday and overdid it a bit ending up with very sore feet. She told me she is zeroing today!!!

We ended the day with 40% of the full distance covered. We are almost halfway through…. hard to believe.

The trail in the Shenandoah is about 100 miles long and we did 20 today. Really too early to have a view but so far I cant understand why everybody says “you will love the Shenandoah”.

It definitely looks different from what we have seen before. We still go up and down (ascent today was 1550m over 33km) but now the hills are small, not large hills or mountains. The trees arent as tall (I would say a third of the heights we have become accustomed to) and the overgrowth on the less steep slopes is dense. Instead of the tall trees with a canope of leaves at the top, you are now almost being suffocated by green all around you.

I prefer Highveld over Bushveld, so maybe the Shenandoah would not be my favorite, but time will tell.

My new shoes did their first day of walking. It will take a few days for my feet to create footprints inside the shoe, for now it seems fine but the soles are very hot tonight. I will have to play around with the lacing.

We will be walking within 100m of a little camp store tomorrow so cold drink time….I am now a committed Gaterade (rehydration drink) person so Trevor wont have to twist my arm.

By the way, something was wrong with his calculation, we are absolutely on track to get to Harpers Ferry on time (before 14 June).


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