Ice Cream Breakfast – 25 July

After the pizza we had for lunch we couldn’t do justice to our free ($1 is basically free) one pint Ben&Jerry ice cream last night (Ma, so gewens Ma was hier om my te help eet!), so we had the rest for breakfast this morning. Duffy wanted a picture of us under the SA flag and was very happy that we were eating ice cream at the time, he said this picture will go to their website – fame at last!

We got back to the trail at around 8h, and the path immediately head UPWARDS. At the top of this climb was the ski lift for Bromley ski resort.

The next section took us to the top of Styles mountain; itself a decent climb. We did well doing these two ascends back to back at a nice pace. This gave us 12km in the bag. We thought the rest of the day wouldn’t hold any more challenges. All we needed to do was another 14km of little ups and downs. Well, it was almost how it was, other than a 50m climb, which was the highlight of my day. It was Baker’s Peak, the most beautiful ledges (looking like granite and slanting at a 40 degree angle) which had me out of breath when I got to the top but also afforded us spectacular 360 degree views.

After that we really just kept the legs going, we clocked 26km for the day and are camping next to a decent size stream.

Our Amazon ordered cable will arrive in Rutland tomorrow so we hope that we will manage to do 25km and get a lift into town before the post office closes. We will start walking at 6 – if the terrain is similar to today we should make it, just hope getting a lift will be as quick as it was yesterday.


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